Discover the ancient recipe of fondue

To prepare the fondue, you need good fontina PDO, seasoned to perfection along with milk and fresh eggs. To ensure the success of the recipe, you have to pay special attention to the preparation and cooking time.

These are the ancient, traditional recipes of the grandmothers with contents fit to prepare a dish for 4 people.




- 400 g of fontina PDO

- 250 g of whole milk

- 30 g of butter

- 4 egg yolks

Valdostan Fondue


Remove the crust from the fontina PDO and cut it into thin slices. Arrange the fontina in a rather tall and narrow container and immerse it in milk for several hours, even for one night. When preparing fondue, place the butter, egg yolks and the cheese soaked with milk in a saucepan and cook together in a double boiler, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. fontina, in principle, will be mixed to form a stringy block, then diluted gradually with milk and egg, until it becomes a smooth and thick cream.

That's why fondue must be mixed well and should be absolutely smooth. Before adding salt you must try it as it is, because normally the fontina is already salty enough. You can then add a pinch of pepper and pour boiling water into the bowls.

In order to encourage the spread of this dish and allow anyone to appreciate this recipe, the Cooperativa Produttori Latte e fontina has produced ready made, easy to use cheese fondue.

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